Filmbooth, an organization established in 2008 to fill the void in the short films space, has launched 'First Cut'.
The 'First Cut' project is a filmmaker's delight. Inspired by the magic of firsts, this monthly series of shorts will premiere the story tellers of tomorrow. There will be screening of shorts made by independent as well as mainstream film makers from all over the country.'First Cut' wishes to give filmmakers the first chance to screen their most recent work. It will not only earmark value addition to the short film scene in India but also open up media worthiness and a wider audience base.
Indian short films have established their presence in the international film festival circuits all over the world; however we rarely get to see those shorts being screened back home! First Cut is a platform for this too! Also, it is for creating a community of filmmakers who come together to watch and discuss their films - those they have made most recently and those which they are working on. This interaction, though through the pretext of a short film premier, is where we believe, the birth of a quality short film lies.

'First Cut' tells you to live and live alive. It will be an alive platform to screen the most recent short film work. As a kid, you always wanted to stand first and live it up. you nurtured this spirit as you grew up and now that most of us are fully grown up and some of us have turned out to be short filmmakers; it's time to stand first again. 'First Cut', started in June and is now an exciting platform to showcase your most recent short film work. It is like a memorable intimate experience of landing the first kiss in the short film maker community.
To put it simply, it is short-film love straight up!
Why First Cut?
Film makers need not only ideas, actors and equipment to make a film, they also need an ecosystem in which they can interact and share their creative work, take feedback, and continuously keep improving themselves. Some film makers find this easy to get, if they have many willing like-minded friends who help and support them in their journey of film making. But more often than not, a film maker struggles to find an interested and keen audience for his/her film, especially when the film is in its Work-in-Progress stage or has just been finished but not done the rounds.
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