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Ananya Dance Festival 2012 - a five-day classical dance extravaganza at Purana Quila, Mathura Road > 6th-10th October 2012

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Ananya Dance Festival 2012 Purana Quila Seher
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6th to 10th October : 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm - dance performances
9th and 10th October : 10:30 am - 1:30 pm - seminar

Entry : Free (Seating on First-Come First-Served basis) 

Place : Purana Quila, Mathura Road, New Delhi

Event Details : 11th Ananya Dance Festival 2012 - a five-day classical dance extravaganza. 
This year's edition of Ananya is the official event to celebrate 150 years of ASI. This is also the first time that in a new outreach initiative, Ananya is opening its floors to school students. Nearly hundred school children will get a chance to interact with artists from the Ananya Dance Festival at the festival venue. Moving away from the familiar format of performances or lecture demonstrations, students will get to see the other side of the performance through interacting with artists about the creative process, getting a backstage tour of the festival venue and trying out a few dance moves of their own! The workshop also aims to extend Ananya’s endeavour of introducing people to the possibilities of making a connection with traditional arts and architecture in their own lives and the potential of continuing to experiment with these in the contemporary era.

Ananya - now in its eleventh year - is an attempt to popularize the Indian classical arts amongst the youth.  In this age of reality television, our heritage and culture needs to be repackaged innovatively and preserved amongst the future generations. Ananya is one such attempt to showcase Indian classical dances in their purest form so that the traditional arts would reach out to more and more people of all ages and strata of society

Says Sanjeev Bhargava, Creative Director, Ananya: “Ananya Dance Festival has established itself as one of India’s best showcase of purity and depth in Indian classical dance. People and the city of Delhi have enjoyed the five day festival in large numbers year after year. However we have been getting consistent demand from other metros who have been longing to witness these site specific choreographies by eminent dancers set at the world famous Purana Qila. This year we are proud that Ananya would be beamed live in every nook and corner of India.”

He adds: “This time we have also introduced an outreach programme whose objective is twofold. One to foster a vision of taking Indian culture to the students. And the second is to present the creative industry – music, dance, theatre, art and related professions to be encouraged amongst the younger generation as viable alternative career options.”

While one the greatest achievements of Ananya have been to discover budding artistes and establish their indisputable talent, it has also maintained high standards by featuring established seniors to perform at this annual dance fest. With the audience always spilling over into the aisles at the venue and even into the far off lawns at Purana Qila, Ananya Dance festival is a much awaited event on Delhi’s cultural calendar.

Oct 6, Saturday
Saroja Vaidyanathan (Delhi)
Oct 7, Sunday
Rani Karnaa (Kolkata)
Oct 8, Monday
Vijayalakshmi (Delhi)
Oct 9, Tuesday
Rudraksh (Bhubaneswar)
Oct 10, Wednesday
Shijith Nambiar (Chennai)
 Oct 9 and Oct 10 
Ananya Seminar
Pratibimb –(10.30 am – 1.30 pm)

Supported by : Department of Art, Culture, Languages of the Government of Delhi and SEHER in association with Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and Doordarshan

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Ananya Dance Festival 2012 - a five-day classical dance extravaganza at Purana Quila, Mathura Road > 6th-10th October 2012 Ananya Dance Festival 2012 - a five-day classical dance extravaganza at Purana Quila, Mathura Road > 6th-10th October 2012 Reviewed by Rohit Malik on 05:22 Rating: 5

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