"Krishna aur Mahabharata...the battle begins" Hindi Play at Agrawal Sabha Hall, B-Block, Prashant Vihar > 7pm on 8th March 2012

Time : 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm0

Entry : Free (Seating on First-Come First-Served basis)

Place : Agrawal Sabha Hall, B-Block, Prashant Vihar, Delhi-85
Venue Info : Map | Nearest Metro Station - Rohini East (Red Line)

Event Details : Sanskriti Dance Institute, A wing of Green Protection Force, In association with Agrawal Sabha (Regd.), Prashant Vihar present 'Krishna aur Mahabharata...the battle begins' Hindi Play.

About Krishna or Mahabharata : The play is about seven important chapters of the life of Lord Krishna. In which the Rukmini-Haran by Krishna, Subhadra-Haran by Arjun, Shishupal-Vadh by Krishna, Draupadi Cheer-Haran, Abhimnayu-Vadh in Chakravyuh and Jaidrat-Vadh by Arjun.
Bheeshmaka, the king of Vidarbha had three children, Prince Rukmi, Rukmin and Princess Rukmini. Rukmi wanted Rukmini to marry Shishupala, prince of Chedi. When Rukmini heard that Rukmi had chosen Shishupala for her, she wrote a letter to Krishna telling him to take her away. Krishna went to Vidarbha first and Balrama followed with the army. On the wedding day, when Rukmini was in the temple, Krishna lifted her into the chariot and sped away. Krishna returned to Dwarka with Rukmini and made her his bride.
Shishupal was cousin of Krishna, but also Krishna's implacable foe, because Krishna had carried off Rukmini, his intended wife. When Yudishthira decided to make the Rajasuya Yajna. At that time Shishupala insulted Krishna as a cowherd and worthless to be honoured as a king.
Draupadi’s Cheer-Haran is the central reason of the Mahabharata war. Pandavas were the rulers of Indraprastha. Duryodhana was always jealous of Pandavas. Pandavas called to Hastinapur for a game of gambling and Yudhishthir lost all his kingdom, his brothers and Draupadi. Dushasan grabs Draupadi by the hair and proceeds to strip Draupadi of her sari. Seeing her husbands unable or unwilling to help her, Draupadi prays to Lord Krishna to protect her modesty. Lord Krishna now works a miracle so that as Dushasana unwraps layers and layers of her sari, her sari keeps getting extended.
At dawn on the thirteenth day of Mahabharat battle, Duryodhan arranged the Chakravyuh with his team. Where he placed formidable warriors like Dushasan, Karna, Kripacharya, Ashwatthama, Shakuni, Shalya, Bhurishrava and Jayadrat. Only Arjun and his son Abhimanyu knew the secret of Chakravyuh. But Arjun was tied up far away. Therefore Yuddhisthir appointed the sixteen year old Abhimanyu to smash the Chakravyuh. The handsome young Kshatriya clashed with the Kauravs at the outer ring. The Chakravyuh was busted! Abhimanyu who did not know how to exit from the Chakravyuh got trapped and gets killed in a brutal way by the Kauravas and Jayadrat kicked the dead body and rejoiced around it.
Arjun blamed Jayadrat to be the cause for Abhimanyu's death. He vowed to kill him the very next day before sunset, failing which Arjun would kill himself. Dronacharya arranged Kamal Vyuh to protect Jayadrat. Krishna soon realised that Arjun was unable to reach Jayadrat before sunset. So, he sent his Sudarshana Chakra to in order to mask the sun. Jayadrat came before Arjun and laughed at Arjun's defeat. In the meantime, the Sun appeared suddenly. Then, Krishna suggested Arjun that the sun has not yet set, kill Jayadrat.
The duration of this ballet is 2 hours, with a huge cast more than 25 artists, some of them are professional and some of them are amateur.

Directed by : Rajeev Raj Gupta
A diploma holder from the reputed Shri Ram Center, Mandi House and YMCA, worked for several productions and serials. He is a well known choreographer also. Specially works to give change to upcoming artists to show their talent. His group Sanskriti Dance Institute is well known group for giving platform to upcoming artists and for the productions based on mythological events and patriotic themes. In the last 12 years (since 1999) group has been performed several ballets like Rama, Shri Krishna, Durga, Shiva, Draupadi, Meera, Karna-Katha and Dasha-avtar, now in this segment, group is moving ahead with the new production called Krishna or Mahabharata…the battle begins.

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"Krishna aur Mahabharata...the battle begins" Hindi Play at Agrawal Sabha Hall, B-Block, Prashant Vihar > 7pm on 8th March 2012 "Krishna aur Mahabharata...the battle begins" Hindi Play at Agrawal Sabha Hall, B-Block, Prashant Vihar > 7pm on 8th March 2012 Reviewed by DelhiEvents on Thursday, March 08, 2012 Rating: 5

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