"Wem gehört die Stadt? Who owns the City?" Open Air Film Night at Max Mueller Bhavan / Gothe Institut, 3 Kasturba Gandhi Marg > 5:30pm-11:40pm on 8th October 2011

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Place : Siddhartha Hall and Lawns, Max Mueller Bhavan / Gothe Institut, 3 Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi-110001
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Event Details : Open Air Film Night 'Wem gehört die Stadt? Who owns the City?'.
This event is part of the 15 month celebratory programme "Germany and India 2011-2012: Infinite Opportunities".
Thinking of city spaces, different associations come to mind: architecturally planned innovations, cultural hubs, locales of the urban, both on the surface level and underground, catering to its daily needs. Whether planned centrally or having developed organically, the way in which these spaces are put to use is naturally defined by who uses them. This fall’s Open Air Film Night concentrates on exactly how city spaces are occupied, literally or metaphorically, by different groups, ideas, images, memories. It seeks to investigate different motives for claiming city spaces and the varying factors involved in the complex process that forms the identity of an area. Both India and Germany have a special understanding of these processes, historically having been subjects to different groups influencing and claiming space most visibly in their economic and cultural centres – the cities.

Schedule : 
5:30 pm at Siddhartha Hall : 
The Fair at Dharamtalla (Documentary); 5.30 pm, 60 mins
Dharamtalla ka Mela; Directed by the Shape Film Collective, 1983
Dharamtalla is Calcutta's cosmopolitan downtown, but the Dharamtalla Fair, held every Sunday on the city's common, is its true cultural crossroads. It is a fair by and for the city's immigrant workers from the villages; here, rural folkways flourish-and have for generations-in virtual defiance of city life, and those who live on the extreme margins of society thrive, against all odds, amidst the metropolitan mainstream. This documentary, made by the Shape Film Collective, one of India's most honoured documentary groups, is both a portrait and an appreciation of the people of the Dharamtalla Fair; its strength, as Indian critics have noted, lies in capturing the essential humanity of these medicine sellers, animal trainers, acrobats, singers, fortune tellers, whole families participating together in acts, some of them achieved with such primitive means as to appear perilous indeed. For these performers, Sundays are a balancing act in more ways than one, for they depend on the fair at Dharamtalla for the social interactions which keep their way of life not marginal, but integral.
6:45 pm at Lawns : 
Neukölln Unlimited (Documentary); 6.45 pm, 96 mins Directors: Agostino Imondi, Dietmar Ratsch, 2010
The Siblings Hassan (18), Lial (19) and Maradona (14) are talented musicians and breakdancers growing up in Berlin´s notorious Neukölln district. The documentary takes an authentic and honest look at the lives of the three, who are fighting for their family´s right to reside in Germany. The camera is always present – at school, during their vocational training, in their apartment, and of course where they are happiest: during their song and dance gigs, the breakdance battles and contests. Doing so, Neukölln Unlimited reaches beyond the usual clichés about immigrants and problem neighborhoods.
8:30 pm at Lawns : 
Mega-Delhi Sublime (Short film excerpt); 15 mins Director: Chris Green, 2011
The film, a short excerpt of Green´s project, which is to be completed in spring 2012, will lead audiences along an unlikely historical correspondence between two contested sites in New Delhi that mark 1911 and 2011 respectively: The neglected British heritage site of Coronation Park (the site of month-long massive Durbars in 1877, 1903, 1911); and the infamous folk-artist slum of Kathputli Colony ('Colony of Wooden Dolls'). These two sites, rooted in India’s colourful history of spectacle and film, provide the off-beat vantage points and inspiration for witnessing the capital of the world's largest democracy as it bulldozes itself to the verge of new self-discovery.
8:45 pm at Lawns : 
My Wall (Short Films); 58 mins Talent Short Film Competition; Five Directors, 2009
To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 2009, “My Wall” was chosen as the creative focus for the sixth edition of the Berlin Today Award – the short film competition of the Berlinale Talent Campus. The short film ideas drew on the Berlin Wall, and its fall, as an emblem, a symbol and an historic event to be used as fodder for cinematic inspiration. They were not required to make explicit allusions to the Berlin Wall, rather were free to use the wall as a metaphor. The young directors are thus taking back to a personal sphere of memory and allusions what for decades had been a symbol of political claims on a city. The 2009 jury, among it Wim Wenders and Andreas Dresen, chose the following movies from the nominees:
Die Berliner Mauer, Paul Cotter (UK), 12 mins
My Super Sea Wall, Gina Abatemarco (US), 12 mins
Promenad, Sabine El Chamaa (Lebanon), 11 mins
Teleportation, Markus Dietrich (Germany), 12 mins
Wagah, Supriyo Sen (India), 12 mins
10:00 pm at Lawns : 
Soul Kitchen (Feature); 99 mins Director: Fatih Akin, 2009
A German-Greek restaurateur is forced to defend his bistro, “Soul Kitchen”, against property sharks, tax authorities and his gambling-addicted brother when it becomes one of Hamburg’s trendy locations. Trying to prevent the old building from being torn down to make room for yet another shopping centre, Zinos and his friends personify an alternative vision of urban development and free the notion of “Heimat” from some of its dust.

Language : German language with English subtitles

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"Wem gehört die Stadt? Who owns the City?" Open Air Film Night at Max Mueller Bhavan / Gothe Institut, 3 Kasturba Gandhi Marg > 5:30pm-11:40pm on 8th October 2011 "Wem gehört die Stadt? Who owns the City?" Open Air Film Night at Max Mueller Bhavan / Gothe Institut, 3 Kasturba Gandhi Marg > 5:30pm-11:40pm on 8th October 2011 Reviewed by DelhiEvents on Saturday, October 08, 2011 Rating: 5

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