Raj-sh Bali - Theatre Director

Born in 14thAug, Raj-sh Bali is an alumnus of  National School of  Drama.

Theatre : He began his career as an Actor. Among characters, he has played Darshan of Chutkara, Drunkard of Ion Lucad caragiale’s the lost letter, Robespierre of French Revolution, Hamlet, Ghost, & Lear of Shakespeare, Lebedeff, a Russian & the thespian of  Bangla Theatre, Lucky of Samuel Beckett, Siddhartha of Hermann Hesse, Writer of Evam Indrajeet, Helmer and Warle of Ibsen, Feers of Chekhov, Pururava of Urvashi, Traveller of Jean Anuilh, Banta of Kaua Chala Hans ki Chaal and Isabek of Fujiyaina, Vajr of Yamgatha, Story-teller of ‘The Cheese Story,  etc.

He also worked with National School of Drama Repertory Co.

He has, so far, conducted about 50 theatre workshops and directed 45 plays. Among plays, he has directed Moliere of Mikhail Bulgakov, Gandhi, The Cheese Story of Spensor Johnson, Siddartha of Hermann Hesse, Operation Jago of Arthur Miller, Three men in a boat of Jerome K Jerome, Nashta, Kalkam, Viplav, Vapsi, Titanic Parivaar, Hum Log, etc..

Television & Film : He studied film (Short Term) from Film & Television Institute of India, Pune. Acted in & as ‘Lebedeff’ (18 Episode), 16 mm cinoval Siyasat , Acted in film/Ad Film : Veg-non-veg, Dattak, Amritanjan Inhaller etc. He also directed a number of short-films based on ‘Development and the common man’ and ‘Terrorism’ for television.

Scrip-Writing : Siddhartha, (a play based on Hermann Hesse’s novel), Vapas (52 Episodes) on Gandhiji’s experiments, Maasambaa (13 Episodes) based on Environment & forests, a play-Gandhi, One Act Plays-Zero Period, Preet Ki Reet (based on rare-folk-love-stories),

Translation : Siddhartha, (Hermann Hesse), Three men in a boat (Jerome K Jerome), All my sons (Arthur Miller), Moliere (Mikhail Bulgakov), The Cheese Story (Spensor Johnson)…..

Published work : Translated ‘Prophet’ (Kahlil Gibran), ‘Siddhartha’ (Hermann Hesse), Bindass (Other work of Kahlil Gibran), Pahla Kadam (based on Music-Vocal).....
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