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What can you say about a Theatre Group that has been around for 45 years and in an unbroken spell has cast its Magic embracing every emotion. Founded by Joy Michael,Rati Bartholomew, Roshan Seth,Sushma Seth and Marcus Murch in 1964, the group remains a force in Theatre. Almost every noteworthy name in INDIAN Theatre has Acted,Directed or even worked backstage in Yatrik productions. Ebrahim Alkazi,Alyque Padamsee,Barry John,Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Bhaskar Ghose,Sabina Mehta Jaitly,Sinia Duggal,Madhuri Bhatia, Salima Raza,Kusum Haider,Tejeshwar Singh,Bhaskar Bhattacharya,Lola Chatterjee,Sunit Tandon,Avijit Dutt,Prakash Bhatia and of course the Founder Members...... A Veritable "who's who" of Theatre.

Joy Michael steered the group through almost four decades of weekend theatre and regular launches of Plays,averaging 3 or 4 every year. Productions that earned critical acclaim and public applause She handed over the reins of the group to Sabina Mehta Jaitly and now Prakash Bhatia leads the group as the Director.

Yatrik has consistently done socially relevant Theatre with interventions in street theatre as well. Every year there's a Summer Theatre Workshop,which gives new Theatre enthusiasts an orientation and introduces them to the art of performance.

Yatrik has mounted huge Musicals, Shakespeare,Bertolt Brecht,Vijay Tendulkar,Weiss,Alan Bennett,Harold Pinter,Wedekind and many other playwrights' works. Never losing focus on indigenous original work,Irpinder Purie, Manjula Padmanabhan,Poile Sengupta,and Avijit Dutt's original scripts have been performed to great acclaim.

Life,they say begins in the 40s! And Yatrik has just begun to express itself more aggressively !
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  1. hi Rohit,

    I would like to know details regarding Gurcharan Das -play-9 Jakhoo Hill produced by them in the mid-nineties, can you please help?


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