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Organic Food in Delhi : 

I Say Organic 
Website :

Detailed Food Portals :

Indian Cuisine at Wikipedia
Wikipedia is always known for highly researched information databank. So, that is enough reason for this link to be here. ( Video )
A highly useful website with a very wide range of cuisines.
Another very good resource of wide range of cuisines.
Limited recipes but it can still be useful.
A newly launched portal further helps in planning your dishes. 

Websites by Celebrity Cooks :

Websites by Non-Celebrity Cooks :

Delhi Based Food Blogs :

Few Popular Food Brands

Maker of Popular Bread which is mostly eaten along-with Butter & / or Omlette in Indian Homes and Good Day biscuit which tastes best with Indian Tea. Other products offered are Chocolates, Rusks etc.
Website :

Amul offers many Packaged eatables like Butter / Milk / Cheese etc. and Amul Butter is one the most popular products used in Indian Homes.
Website :

An ITC Foods Venture offering Packaged food items including Flour ( Atta ), Spices, Salt, Instant Mixes ( Rava Idli Mix, Rice Idli Mix, Rice Dosa Mix, Gulab Jamun Mix ) and Cooking Pastes.
Website :

Nestle India is a subsidiary of Nestle S.A. of Swtizerland. They offer a wide range of popular consumer food products including Nestle Milk, Curd, Milkmaid ( Partly Skimmed Sweetened Condensed Milk ), Coffee, Maggi Products ( Soups, Noodles, Sauces, Spices, Pizza Toppings, Pasta etc. ) and much more....
Website :

Hindustan Unilever 
It is one of the largest consumer goods company offering a wide range of popular comsumer goods. The food related products offered by the company are as follows : Icecreams ( Kwality Wall's ), Tomato Sauce ( Kissan ), Soups ( Knorr ), Coffee ( Bru ), Tea ( Lipton / Brooke Bond ), Salt and Wheat Flour ( Annapurna ) etc.
Website :

Mother Diary 
Products offered by Mother Diary includes Milk, Ice Creams, Ghee, Butter, Curd ( Dahi ), Lassi, Flavoured Milk etc.
Website :

The company offers products like Jams, sauces, Pickles, Instant Mixes, Spices and more...
Website :

A popular brand offering sauces, Jams, Spices, Pickles, Dry Fruits, Pulses etc.
Website :

Haldiram offers products like namkeens, cookies, papads, sherbets, sweets etc.
Website :

MDH Foods
A popular brand for spices.
Website :

Parle G
Parle G is one of th oldest brand for biscuits.
Website :

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