Retail Stores for consumer Goods

Durables and Non-Durables

The following stores offers a wide range of consumer products and fulfills all the important requirements of an household including raw / packaged / cooked food, electronics, clothes, computers, books, kitchenware etc.

Big Bazaar

Website :
Stores in Delhi : Big Bazaar Stores in Google Maps

Vishal Mega Mart
Website :
Stores : Click here to find Vishal Mega Mart Stores in Delhi


Household Electronics ( TV, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Water Purifiers, DVD Players, Digital Cameras, Camcorders, Mobile Phones, Computers, Mobiles, DTH Services etc. )
Retail Stores for Household Electronics Goods

Car Showrooms & Accessories Stores in Delhi

Bikes / Scooters
Bikes / Scooters Showrooms & Accessories in Delhi

Places for Books


Retail Food Stores in Delhi

Popular Brands for Non-Durable Consumer Goods :

Hindustan Unilever
It is one of the largest consumer goods company offering a wide range of popular comsumer goods which includes Hair Shampoos ( Clinic ), Tooth Pastes ( Close-up / Pepsodent etc. ), Soaps ( Liril / Lux / Dove / Lifebuoy / Rexona / Surf Excel / Wheel etc. ), Deodorants ( Axe ), Skin Creams ( Lakme / Fair & Lovely / Pond's etc. ) etc. And their Food related products are mentioned in the page mentioned under 'Food Brands' below.
Website :

Food Brands 
Food Blogs and Websites

Fashion / Clothes / Accessories 
Brands offering Fashion, Clothes and Accessories Related Products

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