Sirifort Auditorium

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Sirifort Auditorium was commissioned by the late Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi. It is one of the biggest Auditorium in Delhi and it offers many mega cultural events like Music, Dance, Theatre, Film Festivals etc. by private organizers.
The Auditoriums at Siri Fort has seating capacity of around 2500 which is distributed in the following four Auditoriums as follows :
Auditorium - I : Capacity - 1865 Seats.
Auditorium – II : Capacity - 396 Seats.
Auditorium – III : Capacity - 270 Seats.
Auditorium – IV : Capacity - 67 Seats.

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Address : Sirifort Auditorium Complex, Asiad Village Complex, August Kranti Marg, New Delhi - 110049
Map : Sirifort Auditorium at Google Maps
Metro : Nearest Metro Station - 'Green Park(Yellow Line)' ( 5-10 mins. walk and nearest entry / exit Metro Gate is 'Gautam Nagar' )
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  6. Can anyone tell me what's the entry fees as I want to attend the show on 9th July by snuper

  7. In the auditorium there are these holes next to the seats. Yesterday THREE people fell and hurt themselves including my sister. A prestigious auditorium like yours should do better maintenance or some day someone will be seriously hurt. PLEASE FIX THIS.


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