CLASSICAL DANCE "Bharatnatyam on wheels" by persons with disabilities on wheel chairs at Kamani Auditorium - 13th July 08

Bharatanatyam On Wheels Ability Unlimited Dancers
  • Time : 6:00 pm
  • Entry : By Donation, Call at 9873989660 / 9211532494 to register.
  • Event Details : Bharatnatyam on wheels. Performed by persons with disabilities on wheel chairs.
  • It is unfortunate to note that neither Bharatamuni's Natyashastra nor Nadikeswara's Abhinaya Darpanam thought that persons with disabilities could practice this divine art form. Today it is our privilege that the most respected classical dance form Bharatanatyam can be performed by disabled people on wheel chairs. The complete adavu (steps), jathi (combination of advus), thirmanams (sequence of pure rhythmic dance composed of adavu-jathis) are reinvented on wheels and these are performed with absolute precision. Wheel chairs have great advantage to perform many steps, to mention a few like rangakramana adavu (covering the stage), bhramari (spins), jaru adavu (sliding), with speed and precision. The spinning speed of a wheel chair is faster than an accomplished dancer's spins! The speed on wheel chairs is about 100 kms/hr. They have excelled both in Nritta and Nritya.
  • 'Dasha Disha Dasha Roopa - Bharatanatyam on wheels'
  • This 60 minutes performance would certainly take you by surprise as something never seen before. It is first of its kind in the world. Performance opens with Purwarangam (pre-presentational rituals as per the fifth chapter of Natya Shastra) and continues with 'Dasha Disha' ritualistic dance performance that describes ten cosmic directions performed with beejakshara mantra of each god and 'Dasha Roopa' describes ten incarnations of Vishnu, both works entirely performed on wheel chairs.
  • Directed & Choreographed by : Guru Syed Sallauddin Pasha
  • He is the dynamic force in discovering potential, talent and abilities of the persons with disabilities. He is professionally trained in Bharatanatyam by great gurus like Late Kittappa Pillai and Narmada, in Kathak and choreography from guru Dr. Maya Rao. Pasha is a pioneer in Indian Therapeutic Theatre. In the past 25 years, he has created more than 100 dance theatre productions, bringing hope, confidence and new lease of life for thousands of persons with disabilities around the world. Most of his productions are world's first and historic first. He conducted a series of workshops for disabled children of Tsunami victims' families in collaboration with APPAN and UNESSCO. Pasha is a recipient of the National Award from the President of India for outstanding performance in the field of empowerment of persons with disabilities for the year 2007, and also world record holder from 'Limca Book of World Records' for creating 100 dance theatre productions and 10,000 performances by persons with disabilities across the globe.
  • Organized by : Ability Unlimited
  • Ability Unlimited: India's first professional dance theatre for persons with disabilities. This non-profit voluntary organization, utilizes the arts as a vehicle to broaden the perspective and resolve issues of inclusion facing people with disabilities. It is committed to changing the apathy, negativity and fear that surrounds the education, employment and arts through the specially designed professional dance-theatre performances and innovative methodology as "seeing is believing." It give message of equality, dignity, equal opportunities and full participation of persons with disabilities so that they can be on the same platform as the non-disabled.
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CLASSICAL DANCE "Bharatnatyam on wheels" by persons with disabilities on wheel chairs at Kamani Auditorium - 13th July 08 CLASSICAL DANCE "Bharatnatyam on wheels" by persons with disabilities on wheel chairs at Kamani Auditorium - 13th July 08 Reviewed by rohit malik on Sunday, July 13, 2008 Rating: 5

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