Women - Introduction

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Useful Websites for Women : Click here for few Useful Websites for Women

Safety For Women : 

  1. 181 - Helpline number for women in Delhi. 
  2. dcw.delhigovt.nic.in : This is the website of Delhi Commission For Women, you can lodge complaint if you face any problem on roads. 
  3. WCD ( Woman and Child Development) - 23070378, www.wcddel.in
  4. You can also carry pepper spray if you feel insecure moving out alone. Knockout is one of the company which sells it, check out their website : www.knockoutspray.com 
  5. You can also call at 100(police help) or 112. This number(112) works even when your keypad is locked or signal strength is poor or make a call to 1091 (toll free), 23317002, 23317004 and 23411091 to be helped by Women Police as these numbers are for women in distress. 
  6. For support from fellow women, check : fight-back.netjagori.org & blanknoiseproject.blogspot.com
  7. For Northeast Women : www.nesupportcentre.blogspot.com
  8. Men against Violence Against Women : mavaindia.org
  9. Anti-Stalking / Anti-Obscene Call Helpline : toll-free helpline 1096 or call at 011-27894455, SMS the complaint to 0-9911135446, fax to 011-27292523 or email to acp-sit-dl@nic.in.
  10. Rape Crisis Cell - 23370557

An Informal Interview of few women when they were in light mood but they surely raises serious issues :

Shopping in Delhi :
Likes :
They love shopping in Lajpat Nagar, Sarojini Nagar Market, Dilli Haat, CP, Palika, Janpat, Paharganj, M block Market in Greater Kailash - 2 etc.
Dislikes :
Shops close down really fast.

Women's Safety :

  • I think delhi men are scary!
  • I don't feel safe, who knows what they are capable of keeping in mind the crimes that are happening in delhi.
  • Delhi is not safe for women especially after dark.
Autowallahs in Delhi :
  • There is not a day that goes by without having to argue with them.
  • Auto walla's are just very irritating well tell me something just because you are talking an auto does it mean you have a money plant ??? well they think so... but now thankfully i'm spared from all that i drive my own car but initially most of my salary / pocket money was spent on autos.
Buses in Delhi :

  • Men try to rub against you...
  • They also look down your blouse.
  • yeah that is there because if you are a woman and travelling you are bound to encounter this what is best is self defence carry a safety pin which is what i did anyways there are some jerks anyways who try and ogle at you hello even if you are wearing a suit forget anything else... all they need is to lech at women.
    infact if you forget a safety pin you can make use of your elbow.
  • You find horrible people in buses..
  • pathetic and highly unreliable. Especially unsafe for women. Its sad bcoz a lot of women cant afford to travel by any other transport and they have to suffer all sorts of abuses.
  • they have ladies seats but you have to fight you way to get them....there are men who are getting touchy feely....the bus conductors are pathetic.

Men in Delhi :

  • I think delhi men are scary!
  • no single woman can stay alone.
  • not safe for women at night this just bugs me
  • well men are weird... delhi men they just like to show off they seem fake to me constantly faffing.
  • They are extremely ill-behaved and rude MCPs ( Male Chauvinist Pigs )
More Issues :

  • What i dislike about delhi is the summer plus there are too many power cuts.
Still I love Delhi :

  • Well i love the city for i can shop so much its beautiful and green love to drive on delhi roads.
  • well all in all i still love DELHI.
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  1. boys of delhi are flirty they do love to any oher and marry with any other girl

  2. this is not true....if they found a real grl thn they never leave her till death.



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