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Overview: Oxford Bookstore was inaugurated in Delhi in September 2004 occupying an area of 4500 square feet. A place for book lovers to read & buy books on varied subjects. It is not limited to books though and offer music/film DVDs/CDs, greeting cards etc. It also has a Cha Bar which brews a wide selection of Indian and international tea including Flavoured Tea, Herbal Tea, and Fruit Tea. Tea is a part of our culture and that is the reason behind having a Cha-Bar offering different flavours of tea. Cha Bar offers traditional tea-time favourite eatables too like sandwiches, samosas, snacks, salads, fries, muffins, cookies, pastries, cake, quiches and pies. Overall, It's a great place to find/buy/read books & have refreshments alongside for enriching the literary experience.

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Address: Oxford Bookstore, N81, Connaught Place, New Delhi - 110001
Phone - +91 11.2376 6080 /83
Email - oxforddel@apeejaygroup.com
Website: Oxford Book Store
Map: Oxford Bookstore at Google Maps

Old Address (Previous location) & Picture : 
Oxford Bookstore, Statesman House, 148, Barakhamba Road, New
Delhi - 110001, India
Walking Distance from Barakhamba Metro Station (Blue Line) - which Comes Under Line 3 ( Indraprastha - Barakhamba Road - Dwarka )
Map: Oxford Bookstore at Google Maps

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Oxford Bookstore Oxford Bookstore Reviewed by rohit malik on Wednesday, December 30, 2020 Rating: 5


  1. This Oxford bookstore used to be in Statesman House earlier and a nice place it was, now it has been shifted to N block of CP. I used to like this place but not anymore . I came here this Sunday with an American friend of mine . We browsed through the books and most of the books were old. The helpers who wear the check trousers are not only intrusive but also ill mannered. We took few books with us and started browsing and leafing through them , one guy came and said "Reading is not allowed !" . I said "What do you mean?" He said "You cannot read the books here, you can only browse". The friend of mine said "we are only looking and without looking how will we decide what do we need to buy" . The helper guy left. I went to the fiction center and started looking for the books.A female helper was there and I asked her "if reading is really not allowed" , she said "yes ! you can browse but cannot read" ! I went to the back of the store where there are few cushioned chairs where my friend was looking at books on Indian history and was talking to 2 other fellow Americans who were looking at other books. We were sitting on the couch , then another check pants guy came and said "You all are here for more than 40 min , you cannot read". The other two Americans flipped out at this "What do you mean? Do you want your books to be sold or not?" I also interjected "How can you say such things to a customer ?" He said "you people will leave finger prints and the books will appear used" .The American friend of mine replied "The books are not brand new here, they have been here for a while. If you have ever seen a new book then you will know what a new book looks like. " Most of the books have stain marks , the pages have turned yellow and moreover the classification of the books according to genre is totally absurd. You will find books on medicine or classics in the history section. No doubt this place doesn't sells books and people come here for the Cha bar. Such a sad place it has become ! Surely lagging behind in competition with places such as crosswords, Cambridge book shop etc

  2. I also didn't feel much comfortable there when i went few months back. The staff, the manager...everyone looked suspicious!
    Previous location made it difficult for any passerby to reach there easily & only genuine people reached there mostly. The new location makes it possible for anyone to come & the move might be because of this reason to make it more commercial! Only they know better!

  3. This is very nice place.
    May i know,how i get job in oxford book store?
    I am also library science student.


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