Kuljeet Singh : Director of Atelier Theatre Group

Profile of Kuljeet Singh
Practitioner, Director and Activist

Kuljeet is a Lecturer in English Literature and he is the Director of Atelier.
He is also on the panel of the Macmillan Publishing House.
Besides his teaching profession, he is practicing theatre since his college days and his interest lies in Visual, Performance and Film Studies. His vast experience of performing includes several theatre productions under the direction of Roysten Abel, Avtar Sahni and M.K. Raina, as well as acting in Shonali Bose’s National Award winning film ‘AMU’ and Sharad Nigam’s INTERVAL.
He is writing on Theatre and Performing Arts for Journals and web portals. He is also the Chief Editor-in-chief of Theatrewallahs , the monthly newsletter of Atelier.
He is a faculty in Theatre and Dramatic Arts with schools of repute, and is instrumental in developing and implementing methodologies of teaching and effective incorporation of specific elements of drama in the classroom.
He has conceptualized and designed three Theatre festivals in the past.
In his personal capacity as a socially responsible citizen, he dedicates a substantial part of his time to social work specifically for the benefit of street children and rag pickers.

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