Paranthe Wali Gali in Chandni Chowk

This Gali ( street ) offers parathas of different types which includes Plain Paratha ( chapati with added ghee) , Gobhi Paratha (stuffed with flavored cauliflower and vegetables ), Aloo Paratha (stuffed with potato), Paneer Paratha ( stuffed with Paneer / cheese ),Dal Paratha ( stuffed with cereal ), Muli Paratha ( stuffed with Muli / radish ) , Ajwain Paratha ( stuffed with the spice 'Ajwain' ), Pudina Paratha ( laced with dry mint ) & many more...
And paranthas are cooked in a kadhai ( full of oil ) like it's done with puri otherwise.

Note : Only Vegetarian Parathas are offered. Onion and Garlic is avoided.
The parathas might be too oily, the paratha shops are unhygienic, small & crowded without Air Conditioner to bear delhi's hot summer.

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