Lounge, Bar & Restaurant "Tabula Rasa " in Saket

About Tabula Rasa : Tabula Rasa is located on the top floor of Square One Mall, Saket. Sohrab and his partner Rohan Gupta has started this Restaurant, Bar & Lounge who were associated with Shalom, Laidbackwaters etc. before. It's large terrace is heated in winters & cooled in summers which makes it a perfect place to dine & lounge around for all seasons. They have an exhaustive list of wines & serves world cuisines. You will see many expats & delhi's socialites having a good time there. The place has no dance floor but it is still a beautiful place to have a relaxed evening & night out.
Wednesday night is a ladies night with special offers to ladies. Visit the following link to know more : Ladies Night at Tabula Rasa, Saket ( Every Wednesday )

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Contact : For reservation for Tabula Rasa :
Tel: 9910588228 , 011-29562666

Address : Tabula Rasa, 4TH Floor, Square One Designer Arcade, C-2, Saket, New Delhi.
Map : Tabula Rasa at Google Maps

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Lounge, Bar & Restaurant "Tabula Rasa " in Saket Lounge, Bar & Restaurant "Tabula Rasa " in Saket Reviewed by rohit malik on Thursday, January 21, 2010 Rating: 5


  1. great place .. great drinks n ya nice music ! way to go ..

  2. great ambiance.. very sad service.. good selection of drinks .. food quality unsatisfactory

  3. grt food... but sad service and its toooo expensiveeeeeee

  4. Hi This is pulkit here had visited tabula twice would not recommend it to anyone to b there even after making the reservation there 3 days prior the table is not reserved the reservation lady grace saurabh n atul all r pathetic with no sense of customer service at all have no ettiquates to behave with the customers and have the most pathetic service i have ever got and to top it all the manager walks up to us n advises us that v r late by 3 mins n so no table they shoud kearn the meaning of cutomer service and atleast know how to behave with customers extremly poor service extremly n very bad behaviour with guests n along with us v saw the same stuff happening with others too

  5. Went to Tabularasa (now called Sage) for the first time yesterday and were grossly disappointed. We are 2 guys from europe in delhi and this was one of the worst restaurant experiences we had anywhere in the world.

    1) Firstly, we ordered 2 glasses of wine - and the restaurant host bought out an entire bottle instead. When we questioned him - saying we just asked for 2 glasses and not the entire bottle - his response was - there are only 4-5 glasses in a bottle so why dont you just have this instead. WTF ??? What restaurant in the world tries to sell their customer something they did not ask for just because they want to make an extra buck?? How dare they???

    2) He bought out 2 glasses finally after a bit of arguing and then we had ordered 2 appetizers - the grilled chicken wings and duck confit salad. This was the WORST experience in my life - the chicken wings were served to us UNCOOKED. We called the manager and showed it to him - the entire chicken wings were half raw - how can a restaurant of this level even AFFORD to make such a mistake?? It is not only against the health standards but horrible horrible for the reputation of a restaurant. The manager profusely apologised and begged us to stay but we asked for the check and left immediately. The duck confit salad was like duck out of a can - it wasn't fresh at all and tasted disgusting. They charged us for 2 glasses of wine and a mineral water - and we got out of there to head over to Diva in GK-2 - an excellent experience in contrast to this bad one.

    Another thing I hated about Tabularasa was the staff were annoying in there - they kept staring at us while we were even sitting and waiting for our order and would stand on our head. It was a very uncomfortable experience and certianly NOT fine european dining as they market themselves - it was worse than a roadside restaurant on an Indian highway.

  6. I find tabula rasa no less than disgusting

  7. OverHyped Venue - ambience is sober,nothing amazing! Staff is taught to pull for extra bucks.

    On Thursday evening, with no guests in Restaurant,they cited full even when we were group of 10 ppl.Only after finalising a INR 1800 Per Person package deal, they allowed us inside and shocked to see entire venue empty excluding a private party on Terrace.

    Waiting Staff kept standing over and made the presence little disconcerting.

    i) Good selection of liqueurs
    ii)The patience of Waiting Staff while serving us even as the get-together went 40 minutes beyond 12:45 pm, their official closing time.


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