Swadesh Deepak's "Court - Martial" A socio - political Hindi play by Asmita Theatre Group

Play Info : Court- martial
When respect is denied to a man for the only reason that he is borne by ‘low-caste’ parents, the offence cannot simply be termed as a social violence. It assumes larger proportions of crime against humanity and society at large.Yet by the turn in situation the murderer becomes a winner whereas the victim is unforgiven.
The culprit may receive severe punishment at the hands of the law but, in fact, it is the society which is put in the docks.Court Martial,written by Swadesh Deepak, is a story of recruit Ram Chander who is tried for murdering one of his officers and injuring another.
The Court Martial is presided by a war veteran.Col. Surat Singh who has witnessed many ‘life–and –death’ situation. But this trial puts him in a queer position, so far unknown to him, and during the course of interrogation he realize that the issues at stake are much larger than what meets the eye.
Realizing that the Indian Army is the only government agency in which reservation on caste basis is not permissible. Court Martial presents a combination of legal and poetic justice.

Tight pace of Court Martial….not to be missed .
- Kavita Nagpal ( Hindustan Times )

Gaur’s hard hitting realism…..His infinitely intelligent approach….strong play.
- Aruna Ahluwalia ( E. News )

Kudos to Court Martial….a drama that went beyond the limits of drama .
- ( Indian Express )

The Asmita team has created a marvelous piece of theatre out of a wonderful script….don’t miss it. The times spent watching it is well worth it.
- Smita Nirula ( The Pioneer )

Stealing scenes with revolt as the theme ….Court Martial was an engrossing display of theatre for social awareness.
-Sushama Chadha ( Times Of India )

Excellent acting, live and memorable…..worth visit.
-Ajeet Rai ( Nav Bharat Times )

Swadesh Deepak's "Court - Martial" A socio - political Hindi play by Asmita Theatre Group Swadesh Deepak's "Court - Martial" A socio - political Hindi play by Asmita Theatre Group Reviewed by rohit malik on Monday, April 30, 2012 Rating: 5

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  1. this reservation politics,which is actually politics of 'creamy layer'has exhausted its steam.
    you can see what mess they have made of bihar..eastern UP..its a lawless,hooligan society having no regard for sense of justice.not even to their 'low caste brethren'.talking abt backwards is aimed at 'constituency building'.and no political party(election contestants) is left behind in giving lip service to them.all figures are rigged abt their number ,atrocities,backwardness....blah blah blah,....
    I wonder how politically incorrect of me, now to talk like this ...Intellectuals are competing with leaders ,unko lagta hai mera bhi chance aa sakta hai.
    vijay sharma


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