INTERVIEW - Shelly Jyoti ( An Artist, A Fashion Designer & A Poet )

  • Interview :
  • Q What is the title of this exhibition?
  • SJ “Lyrical abstraction- A room of/ for Muses”
  • Q On title of your exhibition? Why lyrical abstraction?
  • SJ Lyrical abstraction was a movement in early 20th century in American art history. The artists of that period were getting saturated by repeated figurative and landscape work and wanted to try new terrains,
  • In some way I could associate myself with that movement and wanted to explore abstraction in my art domain.
  • Q what are you trying to convey -A room of/ for muses?
  • This is an installation project on objects, clothes and paintings. I have tried to explore possibility of presenting my large body of work i.e. 180 paintings like a designers room. The gallery space which is a public space gets transformed into boutique of art in which haute couture and prĂȘt a porter of paintings are displayed on walls and hangers with SMALL MEDIUM AND LARGE AND EXTRA LARGE labels..The room displays muses like sculptures of garments, large , medium small size painted buttons and paintings on hangers.
  • Q You are a fashion designer, an artist, and a poet, how do you mange to create so much work?
  • Sj When you are passionate about anything , one can juggle into these creative spaces. I have time management allotted to all that I want to do.
  • Q What is the difference between fashion and art?
  • SJ Fashion begins with market research whereas art is driven with the artist’s emotion and skill .The commonality between the both art and fashion is creativity and aesthetics.
  • Q Will we see more of your exhibitions in Delhi in future?
  • Yes, I am coming with “Lyrical Abstraction 2” in 2008 to Delhi. I am living in Baroda and am very comfortable there but Delhi is my home town.
INTERVIEW - Shelly Jyoti ( An Artist, A Fashion Designer & A Poet ) INTERVIEW - Shelly Jyoti ( An Artist, A Fashion Designer & A Poet  ) Reviewed by rohit malik on Friday, April 27, 2007 Rating: 5

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