Delhi Events: THEATRE "Baghdad Burning" A Play Based on the Riverbend blog, at NSD - 21st to 23rd December, 2007

THEATRE "Baghdad Burning" A Play Based on the Riverbend blog, at NSD - 21st to 23rd December, 2007

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  • Time : 6.30 pm
  • Event Info : Staging of the play 'Baghdad Burning' a play based on the blog run by Riverbend.
  • Baghdad Burning is a play based on the internet blog of the same name, posted on the web , 2003 onwards by an Iraqi woman, who prefers to remain anonymous calling herself Riverbend. As the name itself suggests , the entries talk about the US occupation of Iraq and a permanent callous destruction of a whole country, the life style of its people and the secular and modern fabric of its society.
  • However what makes this blog unique is the completely unsentimental view and the sharp and witty critique of its author, on the impact of this completely unjust war on the common people and their daily life. It also lays bare the farce of democracy that the US plays out on this country through its puppet government.
  • The play tries to capture some moments of the daily life of the people of Iraq as they struggle to keep their sanity in a world crumbling around them, along with highlighting some harsh political and economic realities that the country is encountering as the law and order in the country has completely broken down.
  • Script : Shilpa Shukla
  • Supriya Shukla has graduated from the National School of Drama in 2004 with specializing in Acting. Currently working in Delhi as a freelancer in theatre. She has recently acted in ARABIAN NIGHT Directed by Zuleikha Choudhary and in Portrait of Dora , directed by Aditee Biswas. She has also written the script for JAMEELA, an autobiography of a sex worker, based on the book Nalini.


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